"A great book about English communication and fluency. I was able to use the tips right away!"
- Julio Marquez
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The Power English Guidebook:
This guidebook is full of English speaking tips, simple communication hacks, and free, valuable online learning resources that you can use today!

The fact that you are reading this right now means you are serious about learning English. It’s great to have goals, but always remember that it’s better to focus on who you are transforming into as you reach those goals. The road to English fluency can be a challenging climb and I recommend that you do not do it alone! So, let’s reach this goal together

Take the time to read every section of this guidebook. You will discover many techniques and English phrases you can use to get you talking and practicing English quickly. The phrases selected are all typical expressions used by native speakers. There is a saying that many people say...
"If you don't use it, you lose it."
If you want to become fluent in English, you have to create a life with English. I will do my best to share my best knowledge with you but remember, it’s up to you to make it happen!  

The fear of speaking English is the same as fearing anything else in life. You can either make excuses and not do it, or you can work hard and get RESULTS. Look fear in the face and challenge it! Get yourself out there in the real world and practice English with real people. After you practice hundreds of times, I guarantee that speaking English will become more natural and automatic for you. This works with anything in life, do you agree?
This Guidebook Will:
  • Help you to erase the fears that stop you from meeting people and expressing yourself.
  • Give you important communication tips to make sure you are comfortable and successful with meeting people.  
  • Recommend the best English learning tools available on the internet to help you reach your fluency goals.
  • 127 English Conversation Starter Phrases
  • Using YouTube - the KING of Free Education
  • Top 3 Online English Dictionaries
  • Best Places to Meet Native English Speakers
Author: Walter Tsushima
"The book was useful for me. I can now know why I have "approach anxiety" 
because of this book. A good interesting book!"  
- Carlos R.
About The Author:
Hi, I’m Walter Tsushima, the creator of the English REACT Fluency System.  I'm a certified English teacher, and the owner of a successful English language school business.  

I’m originally from the United States, but now live in the suburbs in a beautiful part of Japan. I currently have two Master's Degrees, one of which is in TESOL (Teaching English As a Second Language). 

I have been an English teacher for over 16 years and I have had the privilege of working in various capacities such as a teacher trainer, English speech coach, and language acquisition researcher.  

After years of research, I have even developed a unique teaching system to help intermediate level English students reach fluency success quicker and more efficiently.  What can I say...I LOVE being an English teacher!

My goal in life is to help millions of students all around the world, like YOU, reach success.  I’m very grateful for this opportunity to share my knowledge and I look forward to hearing from you!  

Walter Tsushima
Creator of The English REACT! Fluency System
  • Great information!  Well thought out and well written! 
    Ellie K.
  • Very happy with Walter's book.  Thanks!
    Lee Kwong
  • A great book about English communication and fluency. I was able to use the tips right away!
    Julio Marquez
  • The book was useful for me.  I can now know why I have "approach anxiety" because of this book.  A good interesting book!  
    Carlos R. 
  • Thank you!  Your book helped me communicate and I'm meeting more people.  
    Roxana Song
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